Hand-Operated Oil Drum Pumps

Hand-Operated Oil Drum Pumps

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Plastic Rotary Pump  
Polypropylene hand-operated pump with TeflonĀ® seals for transfer of DEF, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, methanol, chlorinated solvents, and some water-based chemicals. Polyethylene downtube enables pump to fit 5 to 55-gallon drums. Twisting non-drip spout discharge. 8 ounces per revolution delivery.
Heavy-Duty Hand Fuel Pump  
Aluminum hand-operated level pump for transfer of petroleum-based products and diesel fuel. Telescoping (22″ to 40″) downtube enables pump to fit 16 to 55-gallon drums. 1 gallon per 5 strokes, 1″ inlet, 3/4″ outlet, 6′ hose.
Rotary Hand Pump for Viscosity Liquids, Oil, Gasoline & Diesel Fuel  
Rotary hand pump for medium viscosity liquids, oil, gasoline and diesel fuel. To be used on 16 to 55-gallon drums. Features built-in check valve and strainer, tank adapter, telescoping suction pipe which extends from 22″ to 40″, anti-siphoning device, nozzle and 8′ delivery hose. 1 gallon per 10 revolutions delivery.
Heavy Cast Iron Rotary Pump  
Heavy Cast Iron Rotary Pump for Transfer of Petroleum-Based Products and Antifreeze.
Telescoping tube assembly enables pump to fit 5 to 55-gallon drums with 2″ bung opening. Standard 3/4″ NPT (M) threads on discharge spout.
Aluminum Rotary Style High Flow Pump  
Aluminum Rotary Style High Flow Pump is used on 16 to 55-gallon drums for oils. Aluminum downtube and body. Spout with swing-arm return drain discharge. 1 gal per 8 revolutions.
Heavy-Duty Barrel Pump for Lubricants, Additives & Other Noncorrosive Fluids  
Heavy-Duty Barrel Pump – Aluminum lever pump for the transfer of lubricants, additives and other noncorrosive fluids. 2″ NPTF (M) threads on base. Steel telescoping (18″ to 34.5″) downtube fits all standard drums from 5 to 55-gallon. Non-drip spout and brass piston rings for multipurpose usage. Twisting non-drip spout discharge. 12 ounces per stroke delivery
Economy Lever-Action Barrel Pump  
Economy Lever-Action Barrel Pump – Aluminum lever hand-operated pump with telescoping (18″ to 34.5″) suction tube to fit any drum from 16 to 55-gallon size for transfer of oils and non-corrosive fluids. Aluminum pump head and steel barrel. Twisting non-drip spout discharge. 16 ounces per stroke delivery.


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