Fuel Diaphragm Pumps

Fuel Diaphragm Pumps

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Designed specifically for high-volume transfer, bulk-unloading, or fueling applications. These pumps meet UL 79 specification code and are compatible with gasoline, aviation fuel, diesel fuel, fuel oil, motor oil and kerosene.
To meet UL specifications, pumps utilize pressure relief valves to limit dispensing line pressure to under 50 PSI. If line pressure between the pump and dispensing point exceeds 50 PSI due top thermal expansion, line compression, back pressure or gravity, the relief valve opens and bleeds off excess pressure. The relief valve must be plumbed to return the bleed-off fuel to the storage container.

Items in Fuel Diaphragm Pumps

– Fuel Diaphragm Pumps with 1″ MATERIAL INLET & OUTLET (F) and 29″ GPM MAX
– Fuel Diaphragm Pumps with 11-1/2″ MATERIAL INLET & OUTLET (F) and 75″ GPM MAX


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